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Casting molds

The 9.90 m high portal columns in Doric style, which were to adorn the entrance area of the office and commercial building, had to be cast in six segments per column as precast concrete elements in a field factory directly on the construction site and then placed on top of each other and bonded.

In addition to the cylindrical segments, the Doric capitals and the corresponding pedestals of the decorative columns had also to be formed on site.

For each of the two postaments and capitals, the sand casting molds were produced with binder jetting in cooperation with voxeljet. These were inserted into the supporting formwork for the pedestal and used as independent formwork for the capital.

The combination of our latest 3D printing technology together with the unique know-how of the company to post-process the printed parts, allows SANDHELDEN to produce custom made casting molds suitable for concrete casting.

Location: Munich, Germany
Size: 140 x 140 x 50 cm
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