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Wu Wei Bathroom

Wu Wei is a collaborative project realised with casaceramica that took part in 2019 in Cologne celebrating the Passagen Design Festival.

SANDHELDEN was the manufacturer of a customed bathroom that invites to relaxation, calm, and silence.

The project consisted mainly in the production of 2 statement pieces: a standing washbasin and a decorative wall.

Taking advantage of the latest technologies, an orginally hand-carved standing washbasin made out of natural stone was 3D scanned to create an exact copy. This model was afterwards 3D printed out of sand and further post-processed and coated thanks to the patented process of SANDHELDEN.

In order to complete the whole bathroom experience, and the aim of the space is to create a meditative atmosphere, is was chosen to add visual lenguage from Buddhist practice, which invites to minfulness and awareness.

After designing the 3D model in collaboration with casaceramica, it was placed the big version 90cm high in the back wall of the bathroom on top of the integrated bathtub. The piece was specially coated to protect it from warm temperatures, humidity, and steam. Small replicas were also distributed around the gallery and used as collectible design elements.

Location: Cologne, Germany
Size: Standing washbasin: 45 x 45 x 90 cm
Buddha wall decoration: 12 x 58 x 90 cm
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